This is to inform you that certain research reports published prior to August 17, 2016 may not have contained complete information in the Disclosure Appendix describing investment banking relationships between Credit Suisse Group, AG and/or its affiliates and the subject company. Complete and up-to-date disclosures of such relationships can be found below.

Equity Research Disclosures

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Important Disclosures

Credit Suisse’s research reports are made available to clients through our proprietary research portal on CS PLUS. Credit Suisse research products may also be made available through third-party vendors or alternate electronic means as a convenience. Certain research products are only made available through CS PLUS. The services provided by Credit Suisse’s analysts to clients may depend on a specific client’s preferences regarding the frequency and manner of receiving communications, the client’s risk profile and investment, the size and scope of the overall client relationship with the Firm, as well as legal and regulatory constraints. To access all of Credit Suisse’s research that you are entitled to receive in the most timely manner, please contact your sales representative or go to

Credit Suisse's policy is only to publish investment research that is impartial, independent, clear, fair and not misleading. For more detail, please refer to Credit Suisse's Policies for Managing Conflicts of Interest in connection with Investment Research:

Credit Suisse's policy is to publish research reports as it deems appropriate, based on developments with the subject issuer, the sector or the market that may have a material impact on the research views or opinions stated herein.

Any information relating to the tax status of financial instruments discussed herein is not intended to provide tax advice or to be used by anyone to provide tax advice. Investors are urged to seek tax advice based on their particular circumstances from an independent tax professional.

Credit Suisse has decided not to enter into business relationships with companies that Credit Suisse has determined to be involved in the development, manufacture, or acquisition of anti-personnel mines and cluster munitions. For Credit Suisse's position on the issue, please see

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